What will the job and candidate market in the insurance sector look like in 2030? – Network Worlds

Among other things, we talked about the following topics:

  • Will 2030 do we still need people in the insurance industry?
  • in 2030 February 3 is sunday Do you think the weekend will still have the meaning it has today? Does this mean that there will still be a strict separation between work and leisure, or will it become much more blurred and you will work when there is something to do in your project/work area?
  • By 2030 Will the 4-day week be widespread in the insurance industry?
  • Will New Work be the standard in 2030?
  • How will professional areas work and change?
  • “The problem of the future is not unemployment, but unemployment.” – Will targeting change in the sense that companies will turn to potential employees instead of employees to companies?
  • What role will people play in the world of work in 2030? February 3rd? Because I wonder if the common clerk will still exist? Or are human resources not too valuable and AI and chatbots are taking over all the routine work?
  • What do candidates want in 2030? What can you offer them as a company?
  • Will 2030 are we still going to advertise the vacancies verbatim or will it be done more via video and then applicants will also send videos instead of written applications?
  • Are influencer companies relevant for companies in the future?

Among other things, Jochen Mai explained:
“What people are showing us and telling us from Instagram or TikTok people, like, ‘Boa, I’m doing really well here.’ 1 million by Thursday You can too.’ These are all illusory worlds. And of course, it’s not much different than corporate influencers because they serve a purpose. And I think that because it’s on the rise right now, at some point we’ll also learn not to believe everything, and with that the influence of corporate influencers will decrease again.

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You can find the full interview here. Listen. Worth it!

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