What’s next for the Esmee Hawkey T3 team?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the failure of the official DTM test in Hokenheim, where attendance is mandatory, rumors have spread that the start of T3 Lamborghini pilot Esmee Hawkey in 2022. The DTM season was in jeopardy because the sponsor is not paying.

Esmee Hawkey

Esmee Hawkey Lamborghini without sponsor logos at the opening of the DTM


But the British showed up at Portimao as planned and also competed in the first weekend after the test, albeit in a completely black Huracan GT3 Evo without ROKiT group sponsor stickers that were everywhere last year.

“We’re currently working with Esmee to find a new car partner,” team leader Jens Feucht told Motorsport-Total.com during the opening of Portimao.

Feucht on Hawkey Season: “We’ll Find a Solution”

It was originally intended that the 24-year-old racer in 2024 would also be supported by a British group of companies. An attitude the team has since abandoned. “You see, ROKiT is no longer in it. So you can actually answer for yourself,” Feucht said when asked if he still hopes to return.

However, the team leader does not want to comment on the details of why the sponsor dropped out. “I have been walking back and forth all the time, but unfortunately I cannot say more about it at the moment, because some circumstances still need to be clarified.

T3 Lamborghini driver at the opening of the Esmee Hawkey DTM season in Portimao

T3 Lamborghini driver at the opening of the Esmee Hawkey DTM season in Portimao Increase

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Highlights: Feucht is confident that after opening in Portugal, where he recorded one failure and 21st place, Hawkey will compete for the remaining seven weekends of the season, despite the uncertain financial situation: “We will find a solution that we can solve.” Negotiations are underway with potential sponsors and a replacement for other races is expected.

After all, the T3 team now supports the Lamborghini plant

In this respect, it may also be significant that T3 Motorsport, contrary to what was originally planned in Lamborghini, is now receiving factory support, as is the Grasser team. And much like in previous years, when you could borrow a car for free and get a package of parts.

How did Lamborghini’s rethinking come about? “After the cancellation, we started again this year, when it was clear that we would get Nicki,” the team leader talks about an agreement with Aston Martin’s loaned Nicki Team, one of the best GT3 drivers. “So we turned to Lamborghini again and talked. Then they changed their minds and promised us their support,” Feucht explains.

“It’s very important for the team to have support when it comes to engineering, but also when it comes to supplying spare parts,” Feucht explains.

2022 Two guest starts are planned for the DTM season

By the way, the team playing the Lausitzring home race next weekend is planning the start of the guests again this year. “We have agreed with ITR that we will consider starting two guests,” Feucht said, having already spoken to DTM chief Gerhard Berger and DTM chief Frederik Elsner.

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Dates have not yet been set – no decision has been taken on drivers either. However, it is clear that Lamborghini’s young Maximilian Paul, who is taking part in the ADAC GT Masters and around which the team was originally based, could be used again after the start of his guest Spielberg.

“Max has been our driver from the start,” Feucht said. “The company is focused on it. And if we still have a chance, we might see it in one of the other races.”

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