When and how will the Netflix series continue?

The Addams Family hasn’t appeared in any Real movies or series in a long time. 90s movies have a cult following that recent cartoons haven’t been able to capture. Now, Netflix has taken over the brand with Wednesday, with horror guru Tim Burton on board as a producer. But when and how will the eponymous teenager’s adventures at Nevermore Academy continue?

“Wednesday” Season 2: New Episodes Coming Then

The first season of “Trečiadienios” just came out, so there is no information about the second season yet. Netflix usually decides after about a month if a show has garnered enough hits to continue. The charts are mostly just a rough guide, after all, shows that had consistently high first seasons have already been canceled.

If there were to be a sequel, a production time of around a year would normally be expected. Some complex series like Stranger Things or The Witcher take a little longer to film, but Wednesday isn’t moving in those realms just yet. If there is a second season, it will probably be released in 2023. at the end And that would only be desirable, because the previous episodes left some questions very unanswered.

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“Wednesday” Season 2: This is what it’s all about

Throughout Season 1, Wednesday has been investigating which monster is responsible for the murders at Nevermore Academy. It was not easy for the Addams daughter that it became her boyfriend, Tyler, who was managed by Mrs. Thornhill. Although Tyler was captured, the ending of his storyline suggests that he escaped. So will he continue to play a role in Wednesday’s life? And what will Mrs. Thornhill try next?

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Another threat is Morning Songs, a sort of cult led by Bianca’s mother. She forced her daughter to join the organization, so they could definitely become more of a threat in future episodes.

But the most obvious starting point is the cell phone he got from Xavier on Wednesday. After all, an ominous text message with pictures suggests she has a stalker, but what does he want from the Addams daughter? We can’t wait to bring her back to Nevermore Academy.

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