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Gas prices have risen significantly in recent months. While the government prepares the gas levy, an interim solution must be used: the state will pay an advance for the gas.

Berlin – Rising energy prices are a huge burden for many Germans. For the coming year, traffic light coalition gas price brake. However, until then, the state should take over the initial contribution in December. On Monday (Nov. 14), the Federal Council passed the so-called Natural Gas Emergency Relief Act, which provides relief as a one-time payment for gas deductions.

This should support households and commercial users before the gas price cap goes into effect. This should begin in March, but there is still no draft law ready for cabinet consideration. The government says the one-off gas rebate payment planned for December is “in the high single-digit billion range”.

Gas deduction in December: when the one-time payment will be a relief for gas consumers

The gas discount applied in December is intended as a transitional measure until the brake on gas prices, which is planned for March next year, should come into effect. But with the approval of one-time emergency assistance as a one-time payment for the gas deduction, the federal government is considering a possible advance to 2023. in February in order to allow earlier discharge of central heating and gas consumers.

When is the gas supply cut off?

In December, the state pays a contribution (the amount of the September contribution) to consumers of centralized heat supply and gas. Upper limit of the gas price brake: from 2023 March until at least 2024 80 percent of gas consumption in April should be subject to a gross price of 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

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The law begins with the takeover of the twelfth annual down payment in December.

Gas relief: Homes and small businesses will receive relief from the state in December

So who gets the fuel discount? In December, the relief affects private households and smaller companies with an annual consumption of up to 1.5 million. kilowatt hours. Some facilities in the care and education sector and medical care also receive emergency care, even if their consumption is higher.

The law, which has now been approved by the Federal Council, provides that natural gas suppliers credit consumers with a one-time relief amount. Therefore, this amount must be credited to the first invoice of the natural gas supplier, whose settlement period covers 2022. In December.

Gas deduction in December: an expert explains how gas consumers receive a one-time payment from the state

until Renters, landlords and families continue to pay lump sums from the state received, the amount of the benefit for the gas discount in 2022 December. calculated on the basis of one twelfth of the supplier’s previously forecasted annual consumption, and December gas price. In this way, “savings incentives” would be maintained, Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics, said in the Bundesrat. Tenants should receive the December discount together with their next annual heating bill. Landlords have one year to prepare and submit a report, but they must report the expected credit as early as this December.

  • Gas users who pay their energy bill up to SEPA Direct Debit to pay, no action should be taken regarding the gas deduction in December, as the supplier undertakes not to take the money.
  • Every month transfer gas consumers will have to independently stop payments for December: this only applies to the amount for gas or centralized heat. The amount for gas or central heating must be transferred again after the one-time gas deduction payment from 2023. month of January.
  • Customers, one A valid order have to change it twice. The amount for gas or central heating does not have to be transferred in December, but the standing order must be made again in January.
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financial advice– Editor-in-Chief Herrmann-Josef Tenhagen recommends the address RTL Payees do the following: If the gas bill is paid by direct debit, the gas company must not withdraw the money. If you have a standing order, you should stop it for a month. In the event that you pay your gas bill by bill, you simply should not pay for the month. To find out how much you don’t have to pay, you can simply look at last month’s discount. (AFP/lp)

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