Where nurses receive holiday pay – and how much

Remuneration under supervision: where carers receive holiday pay and how much



2022 June 10

We listened to the clinics of Carito, Deaconry, Johanniter, Helios, and the community. In principle: Homes with collective agreements are more likely to pay holiday pay

Finally again journey! Or at least relax and unwind from everyday life with work and family. For many nurses, this is more important than ever after two and a half years of a coronavirus pandemic. It is good for the employer to sweeten the “best days of the year” and pay a holiday allowance.

Almost every second employee in Germany benefited from this special bonus last year. Here, employees of companies bound by collective agreements have a clear advantage: 73%. Evaluation of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences (WSI) from the Hans Böckler Foundation holiday allowance. On the other hand, in the case of workers without a collective agreement, this is only 35%.

Only about one in four nurses receive leave

However, most workers on holiday are not in nursing but in manufacturing (64%), energy supply (55%) and trade and the automotive industry (54%). At the lower end of the scale is education and training (18%). The health and social services sector, and hence the care sector, accounts for just over 26%.

The WSI rating also shows:

  • Men get a little more leave than women.
  • In the West, people pay more than in the East.
  • Small businesses are less likely to pay for holidays than larger businesses.

According to the WSI assessment, in 2018. collective contractual leave ranged from € 155 (agriculture) to € 2,355 (wood and plastics processing industry). According to the request, WSI does not currently have more data on the maintenance sector.

Municipal polyclinics: here is a “special annual payment”

The unclear position of the data in nursing is probably partly related to the terminology. For example, nursing staff in the public sector – in particular nursing staff in municipal outpatient clinics – do not receive a separate holiday allowance, but a ‘special annual allowance’ combining holiday and Christmas allowances. The payment, along with the tax, usually appears in your account in November. The basis for calculating this special allowance is July, August and September. The valuation is based on the average monthly salary.

The calculation of additional charges, such as overtime, is not affected here: Overtime on the list must also take into account the annual special payment. The remuneration group on which the September is based acts as the standard rate for the assessment of the annual special benefit in the public service collective agreement (TVöD).

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe: It also depends on annual special payments

Civil service style, …

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