Why Emily in Paris 3 is as annoying as it is happy

Here they are – new episodes of “Emilia in Paris”. Here, we reveal why you can be as excited as you are about the third season of the trendy original (and what you do best with it).

The fact that Lily Collins’ experience as a US marketer at a luxury client agency in Paris has absolutely NOTHING to do with real life — not with the rest of us, not with everyday life in Paris — is a fact and doesn’t bother Housewives. when she compares, paraphrasing Dieter Bohlen’s old saying. After all, we also watch zombies and wandering humans killing each other. Fortunately, it’s also unrealistic.

That being said, we expect a little more relevance from a show like Emily in Paris, which is promoted as empowering and modern, than we do from The Walking Dead, right?

More on that in a moment, first a trailer for the new episodes:

As we can see, despite a big change of decisions at the end of the second season, everything somehow does not change: Emily stands among men who define her life more than herself, she solves work problems like no other, pulls (at least) ) one new outfit for thousands every day dollars and poses with him in the most beautiful landscapes.

This is disappointing

Season three has even less to learn about actual career issues or empowerment than French fashion sense, and Emily’s talent for seamlessly maneuvering from one scandal, dilemma, and drama to the next, while somehow admirable, doesn’t deliver. take with me

The latter is possible and can be expected from a modern women’s series. Like many Sex and the City missteps, Emily in Paris creator Darren Star’s notable previous work was refreshingly fresh and inspiring from today’s perspective: its portrayal of strong female friendships and openness about female sexuality. at a time. The only thing Emily has going for it in this regard is a delightfully diverse cast, which of course focuses on the usual pretty, white, rich CIS woman.

It makes you happy

The series is and will remain a visual feast in the new season if you like the most luxurious Instagram aesthetic with a French twist. One beautiful scenery follows another, and even if the outfit misses the reality of Paris: the hearts of fashion lovers are delighted by so much high-end fashion that is so successfully combined. Well, watching beautiful people languish, love and fight is also good fun.

If you can push aside any hope of encouragement or real inspiration and (also) just enjoy the new season as an absolutely pointless, stale, cheesy romance, you’ll love it. After all, a few hours of escape is needed now more than ever.

If you can’t and can’t stop rolling your eyes, luckily there are plenty of other Netflix originals with far more interesting heroines, like these five:

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