Why Facebook and Instagram are now like TikTok: The Meta Surrender

Not too long ago, I opened the Instagram meta app and was surprised to find that my feed almost never featured photos of people I followed, only reels and sponsored content from random people I didn’t know at all, and which were mostly cases of no interest to me. For this, the usual scrolling from top to bottom was replaced by swiping up, and the columns in my stream “stuck” in the field of vision with each movement, as if hanging on a rubber band.

I closed Instagram. I opened it again, clearly clicking the pink-orange camera button, and it felt like I was in a fake movie. Namely in the TikTok movie. Metas Instagram now behaves like an app of the popular video portal of the Chinese company ByteDance. An app I’ve purposely deleted from my phone again because it’s an absolute time killer. It’s not for nothing that TikTok is called a time machine. And now Instagram is a time machine. And Facebook too. If you haven’t looked at Facebook as such before.

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