Why was he released from prison? What’s next? questions and answers

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After almost eight months in prison, Boris Becker returned to Germany on Wednesday. But what’s next for the tennis legend?

Munich – The disappointment was great when Boris Becker at the end of April in London was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for bankruptcy crimes became The 55-year-old spent around eight months in two different British prisons but is now apparently free again. According to media reports, Becker was deported and is said to have landed near Munich on Wednesday. It is not clear how things will proceed.

Boris Franz Becker
Born: 1967 November 22 Leimen
Major achievements: Wimbledon (1985, 1986, 1989), US Open (1989), Australian Open (1991, 1996); Olympic doubles gold (1992)
Partner: Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro
Children: Anna Ermakowa, Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker, Noah Becker, Elias Becker

Why was Boris Becker released from prison?

Officially, Becker served only eight of the 30 months in prison. UK law generally requires prisoners to serve at least half of their sentences before being eligible for parole. So Becker was not due to be released from Huntercombe until 2023. July. However, Leimener must have faced a special circumstance.

As a foreign prisoner, he could now be deported earlier under an expedited procedure. The reason for this is overcrowded British prisons, perhaps new spaces have appeared due to Becker’s deportation. Interestingly, Becker actually intended to become an English citizen, but never did.

Former tennis star Boris Becker on the day of his verdict in London at the end of April. © Tayfun Salci / imago

Boris Becker deported from England – the tennis legend landed just before Munich

Becker’s alleged deportation also caused a stir in the English press because it was allegedly paid for with British taxpayers’ money. Becker was flown out on a private jet on Wednesday and due to weather conditions did not land at Munich airport as plannedbut became Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen facing west from the state capital of Bavaria. A private jet from London is said to have landed there at 3:23 p.m.

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As reported by the English media, this flight was paid for. The Munich broadcaster has secured exclusive rights to the interview, according to various reports. But so far there is no evidence that Becker has reported on television about his last months in prison. Only one a new documentary in which Becker tearfully recounts his “low point.”has already been published.

What’s next for Boris Becker?

The question now is: Is Becker now a free man? Apparently so, as one cannot be prosecuted more than once for the same crime or offence. Or triple Wimbledon-Sieger must also meet the conditions of parole in Germany has not yet been extradited.

However, he is unlikely to be allowed into the UK for much longer. A report in a British newspaper Mirror According to the report, the entry ban should last as long as the original sentence. Becker should therefore not be allowed to travel to the country where his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro lives until 2024. the end of October. (weather)

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