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Crowded Stadium or Rocking Beer Glass Wiesn or Cannstatter Wasen which starts today. After two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, folk festivals and large events can again take place without restrictions. During the pandemic, it was possible to organize digital placebo festivals, starting with online dinners with friends from all over Europe or streaming DJs in clubs. Nevertheless, psychologists and doctors agree that digital capabilities cannot compensate for the lack of touch and physicality in real encounters. And unmasked faces also contribute to the old normality.

Research proves people’s reluctance

According to a study conducted by the Rheingold Institute in Cologne, many people’s daily lives are still characterized by restraint. The reason is a mixture of fear of war and “melancovid”, that is, melancholia caused by Corona. As a result, just under a quarter of people would return to the fullness of life and willingness to take risks in the pre-corona period. On the other hand, 27 percent said they would like to be more reserved when interacting with people in the future.

What is your opinion?

How are you and those around you? How do you organize holidays with family and friends, despite different approaches and handles. Has the pandemic changed you? Have you become more attentive and careful? Or does the deprivation now make you even more excited to celebrate? Call and tell us about it.

Visiting the host Birgit Kappel was a professor Eva Asselmann. she is Personality psychologist at the University of Health and Medicine in Potsdam and the author of the book “How we grow up – what life events shape who we are and what really drives us forward.” It was also enabled BR24-Datenjournalist Claudia Kohler.

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