Wiesn prices: how much does it cost to visit in 2022? and where families can save on the Sunday paper

After a two-year hiatus, many people are looking forward to finally going to Wiesn again. But prices have everything. Paying for an Oktoberfest visit is often a challenge for families. The Sunday paper has set the prices – and gives advice on where and how to save.

Tip 1: Family day on Tuesday

Families should take advantage of Tuesday as it is Children’s and Family Day on Wiesn. They can get by a little cheaper here. Many tours also offer rewards cards and offer frequent flyer discounts or cheaper child rates. In Teufelsrade, children only pay one euro.

Tip 2: Oide Wiesn

Prices on old october festival are traditionally slightly cheaper than the rides at the rest of the festival. Prices there are only 1 euro per trip. Children under 14 are free to enter, adults pay 3 euros to enter the site. It’s free too Munich Marionette Theater with puppeteer Siegfried Böhmke is a program that changes every hour daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tip 3: Midday Oktoberfest

If you don’t go to the Oktoberfest square in the evening, but use it during lunch, you will usually get a cheaper seat. to “lunch time“Many of the tents offer a lunch menu. However, the lunch menu is often limited to weekdays from Monday to Thursday.

Tip 4: Familienplatzl

Familienplatzl is located at Straße 3/Ost and is a separate area for families. There are benches and tables where large and small family members can sit. Facilities include a garage for prams, a changing table, a children’s toilet and a microwave. The Familienplatzerl is completely barrier-free (no steps!) and has a wooden floor to play on.

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Drink prices

Beer costs between 13-14 euros. In the Armbrustschützen tent, a liter is the most expensive – 13.50 euros – if you want a little cheaper, you can get an Oidn Wiesn beer in the museum tent for 12.16 euros. Compared to 2019, this is an average increase of 15.77 percent. Average prices of soft drinks per liter of table water – 9.67 euros, soft drinks – 10.85 euros, lemonade – 10.35 euros.

Food prices

The obligatory side of chicken now costs between 14 and 14.50 euros. A pair of white sausages costs 8 euros. The prices for takeaway sausage rolls, such as a bratwurst roll, are not exactly cheap at €6, as is a curry roll with fries for €10. A normal pancake will cost you 5 euros, a pancake 4.90 euros. A Dampfnudel costs €7.90.

Prices of rides

Visitors also have to dig into their pockets to get a ride. Classic Wilde Maus €7 (children €5), Alpinabahn €9 (children €6), Höllenblitz €9 (children €6), Hau den Lukas €3.50, Olympic Loop €12 and Ferris wheel €10 euros (4 euros for children).

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