WM Kompakt am 14. December: Béla Réthy

Wet eyes today in the WM compact model. Béla Réthy retires – to paraphrase Jörg Dahlmann: “There he is, big. A person like Steffi Graf”. Or did he not say that at all? Also included: concerns ahead of semi-final in Qatar between France and Morocco and renewed criticism of DFB-Elf.

in 2022 world championship – daily count: 10,000

In the World Cup semi-final between Morocco and France, things could get heated on the pitch – but perhaps off the pitch, too, it has to be said. Although the African players and most of their supporters have been enthusiastic so far, unfortunately, some major European cities have seen riots and clashes with the police following their matches.

People in Paris want to be ready for it tonight: a massive 10,000 police officers will be deployed in a larger area, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said yesterday. Car and rail traffic may also be restricted. So you want to quell potential riots.

WM 2022 – Abschied des Tages: Béla Réthy

He will be with quite a few of us throughout our lives – I, for example, can still hear his commentary on Oliver Bierhoff’s golden goal in 1996. European Championship final: Béla Réthy says goodbye! The 66-year-old footballer, who also celebrates his birthday today, will play his last match ZDF comment before retiring.

I can only think of journalist Jörg Dahlmann, how he once said goodbye to Lothar Matthäus during his last match.

This is an urban legend, by the way, because SPOX video boss Felix Kneidl just clicked me. There was never talk of a “man like Steffi Graf”: see for yourself (from 4:38)!

DER SPIEGEL - Program update

We will definitely listen very carefully again, maybe he will come up with something like this:

“That one over there that looks like a toilet brush is Valderrama.”

“Now we’ve taken over the image from Swiss TV, but that doesn’t make Germany’s game any better.

“He’s so agile, he enters the revolving door behind you and leaves before you.”

Besides, good Béla, being a pensioner, will have enough time to complain about everything and everyone. He has already started.

WM 2022 – Tag Writer: Abderrahim Ouakili

Bundes Bundesliga professional Abderrahim Ouakili has not given the DFB team a good haircut compared to Moroccan football. “It doesn’t hurt anymore when you play Germany. It hurts against Morocco. It hurts a lot,” the 52-year-old said ahead of his home country’s World Cup semi-final against France. Editorial network Germany (RND).

The former international also clearly criticized the big names: “Manuel Neuer played the best behind him, someone else should have been in goal. Thomas Müller has great merit, but is no longer a great player at this level. When Havertz came too late. Also, the Germans “didn’t have no world-class defenders’ to deal with as a team.

This is what would make Morocco so strong compared to the World Cup: “The team is a star for us. Hansi Flick was not like that.”

in 2022 World Cup in Qatar: semi-finals preview

in 2022 the world championship in Qatar is still pending today

FC Bayern will again field at least one player from French Connection or Noussair Mazraoui from Morocco in the final. This continues the incredible streak that has existed since 1982. world championship.

Kotteme Faasenacht as always

In the family of Kingsley Coman, sympathies are at least partially divided today: his fiancee Sabrina Duvad has Moroccan roots and has already celebrated the team’s performances on social networks. What about her Kingsley? “I will always support my country and my fiance.” Aha!

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