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Wohnopolis, how real estate speculation is dividing the country and what we can do about it

The issue of housing is the main social problem of our time. #Live becomes into #luxury is goodrents aren’t just exploding #big cities. People are being evicted from apartments they’ve lived in for decades, families are homeless, low-income earners are working for rent, and homelessness is at record highs. There will be in our cities #Wohnopolis played It’s time to change housing policy, say Caren Lay from the left and Lukas Siebenkotten from Germany. #tenants association at the presentation of the book “Wohnopoly” in Berlin.

From 2015 to 2021, new rental prices increased by 44 percent in Berlin, 41 percent in Heidelberg, and 31 percent in Munich. Half of people now spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. How could this happen? How could apartments degenerate into objects of pure speculation? And why is politics so little concerned with it? Caren Lay, since 2016 representative of the parliamentary group “Die Linke” on rental policy, building policy and housing policy, uses German in her book “Wohnopoly”. #housingpolicy mercilessly under the magnifying glass. “Germany has become the Eldorado of speculation,” says Lay. And instead of combating unwanted political events, they are still systematically encouraged.

What needs to be done to make housing affordable again? Caren Lay sees an important reason #Makes it to #real estate lobby and presents provocative ideas for social housing policy: »Real estate speculation is dividing the country. A strong lobby and a weak policy do not allow to change anything. But if we don’t act now, it will be too late.” We must act: rent caps! A third of the apartments must be non-profit! tax speculation! The apartments do not belong to the stock exchange! We must ban foundations and corporations from entering the housing market! Lukas Siebenkotten, president of the German Tenants’ Association, also called for a moratorium on tenants who pay late.

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Book »Wohnopolis. How real estate speculation is dividing the country and what we can do about it’ will be published by Westend Verlag in 2022. August 29 Westend Verlag is a non-fiction publisher from Frankfurt am Main with a focus on #Politics, #Business, #Gesellschaft and #Ecology. More

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