American analysts gave an estimate –

Lukashenko announced a sudden test of his army’s combat capabilities.

American analysts at the Institute for Military Studies believe a military invasion is unlikely Belarus to Ukraine. They draw their conclusions after self-proclaimed president Oleksandr Lukashenka announced a sudden test of his military’s combat capabilities.

This is reported in the latest messages ISW.

It is emphasized that the exercise is not a cover for the gathering of Belarusian or Russian troops to the invasion positions.

By the way, A. Lukashenko’s order provides for the deployment of Belarusian units in training grounds throughout the country, the implementation of engineering fortification tasks and the practice of forcing the Nemunas and Berezina rivers, which are more than 170 km and 70 km from Belarus. Accordingly, the border of Ukraine.

Footage posted online on Tuesday, December 13 shows what are believed to be Belarusian infantry fighting vehicles and trucks moving from Kolodish (east of Minsk) towards Chatava (6 km south of Minsk).

The day before yesterday, Belarusian forces transported 25 BTR-80 and 30 trucks with personnel in the direction of the city of Brest in the direction of Malorita (about 15 km from Ukraine). In addition, Russian T-80 tanks were moved from the Obuz-Lisniv range in Brest, Belarus to the Brest range also in Brest (approximately 30 km from the Belarus-Ukraine border) around 12 December. On December 13, the Russian Federation reportedly handed over three MiG-31K interceptors to the Belarusian airfield in Machulysh.

“These deployments are likely part of ongoing Russian intelligence operations, suggesting that Belarusian ground forces may join a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine,” the analysts said.

During the day, the enemy launched rocket attacks in the Kharkiv region

ISW believes that the possibility of a Belarusian invasion of Ukraine in the near future is unlikely.

The threat of Putin and Lukashenko

The initiative announced by the President of Belarus unexpectedly checking the combat readiness of the armed forces of the country, which started on December 13. There was information that Russia is moving military equipment to the northern border of Ukraine and has sent three fighter jets to Belarus.

DPSU representative Andrijus Demčenka says this as long as there is no new threat of invasion. Border guards will closely monitor the situation in Belarus.

Also Ukraine continues to strengthen the entire border with Belarus from Voluina to Chernihiv. First of all, we are talking about engineering equipment, monitoring and recording tools “so that we can understand in advance what is happening in the nearest border zone on the other side of the state border”.

This is what Oleksandr Musienko, a military and political commentator, believes Lukashenka is playing the game “not war, but a perfect imitation”. He is…

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