ATB explained the situation with humanitarian aid in Zaporozhye

The statement said the data provided by NABU officials is unverified information that “deliberately misleads customers, who number more than four million today, the company’s many partners and the general public.”

“The ATB Corporation did not and does not have signed contracts for the supply of food and humanitarian goods for sale from third-party suppliers through the ATB retail chain stores in the region.

“ATB” has repeatedly informed the public about the start of additional deliveries of imported food and essential goods from Poland, the Baltic countries, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Italy, etc. The company independently buys these goods, like the rest of the imports, from Western production partners and delivers them directly to the stores…”, the company emphasized.

ATB also adds that such accusations damage the network’s business reputation. In addition, “ATB” reminded that the control authorities have repeatedly carried out relevant inspections in the chain’s stores and not a single fact regarding the sale of humanitarian aid goods or violations of any laws or ethical norms has been established.

“ATB strongly condemns any actions of officials regarding embezzlement and misappropriation of humanitarian aid, it considers such actions unacceptable, shameful and unworthy of the high rank of a citizen of Ukraine,” the corporation’s statement emphasizes.

We will remind you that it was previously reported that the company provides support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, internally displaced persons, the country’s medical institutions, collects funds for the treatment of war-affected children, supplies millions of citizens with fresh products, high-quality essential goods at fair prices without interruptions.

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