Attempts on Budanov and Reznikov – SBU said that this was prevented

The Russians are trying their best to win in Ukraine. As a result, they even tried to carry out an attempt on Budanov and Reznikov. But they failed. SBU Major General Vasyl Malyuk said this in an interview.

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The performer was already on his way to Ukraine

According to Maliuk, the Russians are constantly working on assassinations. At the same time, he noted that the details will not be revealed because they allow the enemy to learn from their mistakes.

They work not only for me, but also for many high officials of our country. Relatively recently, they prepared an attempt on my brother Kyrylla Budanov and Oleksiy Reznikov,
he noted.

The SBU talked about the assassination attempt on Budanov and Reznikov: watch the video

According to Maliuk, the Russians have already sent the performer to Ukraine. But before that it was necessary perform a task that would verify the activity existing agents of the enemy on the territory of our state. During it, it was necessary to remove the soldier.

The special services simulated the completed task, sent a photo report to the enemy and received money for the work. The Russians realized that their “agents” can and do work. And only after that they sent the executioner to remove Budanov and Reznikov.

The enemy paid 100,000 dollars for the previous job – removing the soldier. The performer himself succeeded detained while trying to enter Ukraine. He did it through a third party. And, as Malyuk points out, there are not 1 or 2 such stories, but up to 10.

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The last attempt against Zelenskyi

Oleksijs Danilov said in an interview recently when the Russians were planning the final attempt on Zelensky. The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council himself noted that he had a “not very pleasant role.” After all, every time such a threat arose, he had to report it to the head of state.

You know when you walk up to someone and say, “Mr. President, your life is in danger.” And says: “Miacheslavovich, as much as possible, I’m already tired of them.”
– said Oleksiy Danilov.

According to Danilov, the last relevant message appeared on March 7. According to the Secretary of the National Security Council, namely then the enemy planned to complete this so-called “special operation”.

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