Banks will operate even during blackouts

“Systemically important banks are defined List of 760 regular brancheslocated in Kyiv and in 275 settlements in 22 regions, which will provide financial services to customers even in conditions of long-term power supply shortages,” the report reads.

Emergency departments are already equipped with all the necessary equipment and communication channels for continuous work when there is no electricity, noted the NBU.

“Maximum preparation of the banking system for uninterrupted work in the event of a power outage and clear communication of this preparation to citizens is a necessary prerequisite for preserving financial stability. Customers should know where they can go to get their own funds and the financial services they need. professional advice and support, warmth and communication “connection. Banks will shape the work schedules of on-call departments in such a way that, in case of need, they become a place of refuge for everyone who needs it – Points of Invincibility”, head of NBU Andrius Pishnyi.

In order to reduce the burden on branches, banks are recommended to automatically extend the validity period of payment cards and postpone re-identification of customers.

“Despite the war, the banking system operates continuously, providing payments and settlements, providing financial services to companies and citizens,” added the NBU.

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