Bombed in a car: Gauleiter Kolesnikov died of his injuries in Berdyansk hospital

The occupiers accused the armed forces of an attempt on the life of the “Deputy Superintendent of Traffic Police”.

Oleksandr Kolesnikov, “deputy head of the traffic police”, died of his injuries in the Berdyansk hospital.

On the same day his blew himself up in his official car.

This is reported by rosZMI.

After the explosion, which occurred near the Kryvorizky Mine health center, a co-worker with shrapnel wounds was taken to the city’s clinical hospital, where he died soon after.

Photo: from social networks

According to open sources, a year ago Kolesnikov was an ordinary patrolman in the Berdyansk police.

We will remind you, in Ukraine liquidated tank battalion commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Major Vasilis Lushnikov. It is noted that the commander of the tank battalion of the Russian army was killed on his birthday – August 23 – “during a quick attack”.

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