Bombing of Kharkiv: The city is littered with ammunition

Bombing of Kharkiv: The city is littered with ammunition

Many unexploded shells in the Novobavarsky and Kholodnohirsky districts of Kharkiv

photo from open sources

In the evening, two people were injured after shelling in the Kharkiv district of Kyiv. About reported city ​​mayor Igor Terechov.

“After yesterday’s “arrival in the Kyiv region, the information was clarified. An apartment building and one office building were damaged. According to the State Emergency Service, two are injured,” he wrote in Telegram.

In addition, Terekhov warned the residents of Kharkiv about the danger. “Residents of Novobavarsky and Kholodnohirsky districts are asked to be extremely careful. There are many unexploded ordnance rounds after yesterday’s shelling of the city. Do not approach unfamiliar objects,” urged the mayor.

It was previously reported that on the night of August 31, the Russian military shelled Kharkov. “Arrival” was recorded in the Kyiv region. The occupants targeted the apartment building.

We will remind you that you will start again on August 30 artillery shelled the center of Kharkiv. About eight “arrivals” are known in advance.

Artillery fire fell on “quite a large square” in the center. There are impacts to rest areas that have caused a fire, as well as broken windows in nearby homes. IS admission to one of the preschool education institutions.

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