Counterattack in the south: Melitopolis could become the next target of the armed forces

The NYT points out that Melitopolis is a key hub and regaining control of it could help the armed forces liberate the south to Crimea.

Busy Melitopol may become the target of a new large-scale counterattack by armed forces in the south.

This is discussed in the article New York time.

According to the publication, Ukraine is gathering strength in this direction.

“Ukraine is stepping up efforts to weaken Russian forces in and around the strategically important city of Melitopol ahead of the next major phase of the war, a Ukrainian offensive to push Russian troops out of southern Ukraine,” the article said. .

Ukrainian forces are said to be using high-precision long-range missile strikes and sabotage to regain control of the city. Melitopol is strategically important to the Russian Federation as it is located at the intersection of two highways and a railway connecting Russia with occupied Crimea and other occupied territories in southern Ukraine.

Journalists do not attempt to assert what the latest Melitopol bridge attack proves:

“It is not clear whether these strikes were a prelude to an attack or a diversion if Ukrainian forces were preparing to attack the Russians from the other side.

However, military analysts called the strikes significant and said they were consistent with Ukraine’s pattern of using high-precision missiles to attack material and technical targets of the Russian Federation.

Melitopolis is a key hub, and regaining control of it could help the Ukrainian armed forces retake not only the entire Zaporozhye region, but also the rest of the neighboring Kherson region. This could then potentially allow the Russian military to be pushed all the way to Crimea.

Putin talked about a nuclear strike and a "dirty bomb"

New Armed Forces Counterattack Likely: What’s Known

The American edition of Forbes also believes that there may be a fourth large-scale Ukrainian counterattack In the direction of Zaporozhye. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov did not say where exactly the counterattack was being prepared, but said the defense forces would resume active counterattack actions. when the ground freezes and will become more robust to facilitate the passage of equipment.

Military expert Mykhailo Prytula believes they are preparing withdraw from the left bank of the Kherson region.

In recent days, Ukrainian forces have intensified strikes in this direction. Yes, yesterday, December 12, it became known about the liquidation more than 150 Russian soldiers near Melitopol. According to the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, in the city The Ukrainian Armed Forces “double-crossed” the analytical unit of the FSB.

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