De-occupation of Luhansk region – Gaida told how many settlements have already been liberated

Serhiy Gaidai, the head of OVA, provided relevant information during the broadcast. At the same time, he noted that it was successful in some settlements release from occupation, the situation is critical.

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The armed forces continue to liberate the Luhansk region

If we talk about de-occupied settlements, then today there are 13 of them,
Gaidai noted.

As he was discussing the heating season with journalists, he did not bypass this topic. According to the OVA manager, the situation critical in some liberated settlements.

Gaidai emphasized this some of them are literally completely destroyed. So there can be no question of any centralized heat supply. For example, there is not a single house in the same Makiivka that has not been shelled. The situation in Bilogorivka is similar, if not worse.

The inhabitants of the liberated villages were a little more fortunate. People live there in private houses. And that’s why they have ovens that will keep them from freezing. So we already agreed provide them with firewood, because going to the forest to hunt is also extremely dangerous. There is a high risk of dying at the hands of the enemy.

The enemy continues to die in the Luhansk region

  • A day earlier, Serhiy Gaidai spoke about the “Wagnerians” who were thrown to their death by the enemy. According to him, in the last week and a half hundreds of prisoners died before ever reaching the front. The reason for this is “cotton”, which is brought either to the headquarters or to the barracks.
  • Serhiy Cherevaty, the representative of the Eastern Forces group, also shared the good news. According to him, for December 12 managed to destroy 6 enemy “Hradus” in the Luhansk region. And although the enemy still has many such devices, it is encouraging that at least these machines will no longer terrorize our military or the civilian population.
  • The day before, the General Staff confirmed information about enemy losses in the Luhansk region. Earlier it became known that on December 11 our military hit a manpower deployment point near Kadiivka. Then managed to destroy 60 occupiers, and about 100 others were injured.
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