December 15 In Russia, there was an explosion and fire at an oil refinery in Angarsk – video

The fire started during the installation of G-64 on the territory of the ANKH oil refinery. More than 100 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and 25 pieces of equipment participated in extinguishing the fire. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, open burning has already been liquidated.

Authorities in the Irkutsk region report two dead and two injured factory workers. At the same time, RosZMI writes that the number of victims has increased to five.

The area of ​​the fire at the oil refinery reached 2.5 thousand square meters.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the explosion at the oil refinery was gassing of the systems of the technological facility. Currently, NP is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office, the investigative committee and the special commission.

According to TPP-9 employees, they felt the explosion wave, the ceiling flew off the building near the burning oil installation, the windows were broken, the Telegram channel reports. Mash.

A video recording the moment of the explosion at the Angara oil refinery was published on the Internet.

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