Demonstration execution of the former Wagner for being detained by the armed forces – why Russia?

What happened to Nužin

Wagner’s people released a video of the brutal execution. On it, Nužin says that he was in Kiev, allegedly attacked there, and already in the same basement where the video was filmed, he realized. The man was then executed by beating his head with a hammer.

Pay attention It was not intended for war: Belarusians began to be actively recruited into the “Wagner” group

Of course, there is no evidence of what the ex-prisoner said. For example, he could say this under duress, because the version according to which the prisoner walks around Kiev, and then is taken somewhere in Russia, looks somehow fantastic. About 24 channels said Vadymas Denysenko, advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

What Russia achieves with such videos

But one thing can be said for sure – in Russia they understand that there are now more and more people who will surrender to Ukrainian captivity, will grow This is why the Wagnerites scare potential prisoners – they say that if you surrender, it will be much worse for you. This is another strategy, alongside blocking units, that aims to keep Russian troops engaged rather than fleeing the battlefield or surrendering.

In addition, this video demonstrates another important point: through its performance, Russia is essentially telling its hitmen and military organizations that it is giving them the right to use violence. And if earlier Putin at least tried to maintain the appearance of at least a quasi-legal side that supposedly respects the law, now he really says: “That’s it, we won’t play with it anymore, we’re starting to live.” by concepts’.

Missile hazard. How many calibers does Russia keep in the Black Sea?

Until now it was allowed only for Kadyrov within certain limits, now it is allowed for Prigozhin. So tomorrow it will be allowed to anyone else who is quite close to Putin,
Denysenko emphasized.

He added that in this way, Russia is turning from a terrorist country that was at least an understandable and predictable part of the world into a terrorist country that puts the sphere of violence into private hands and is regulated exclusively by conceptual matters.

Vadym Denysenko commented on the video of Wagner’s execution: watch the video

The armed forces are actively liquidating the mobilized Wagner prisoners

PMK “Wagner” leader Prigozhin actively recruits prisoners from Russian prisons and colonies to participate in the war in Ukraine, so Nuzhin did not become the first prisoner in the ranks of the PMK army. They may be promised freedom in exchange for fighting, but in reality most of them will die on the front.

So, according to The Insider, the armed forces of Ukraine have already been liquidated more than 500 such “soldiers”. This became clear after analyzing the letters of condolence received by the relatives of the dead prisoners, signed by one of the managers of Wagner.

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