Dnipropetrovsk Region: In the Nikopol region, the enemy struck with "Gradov" and heavy artillery is Ukrainian truth

  1. Dnipropetrovsk region: the enemy hit the Nikopol district with “Hrad” and heavy artillery  Ukrainian Pravda
  2. At night, it was possible to shoot down all the rockets flying towards the Dnieper – OVA  Word and deed
  3. It was hot: Reznichenko told how Russians from “Hradivo” and heavy artillery stormed Nikopol (photo of the aftermath)  TSN
  4. Air defense shot down all 5 “Kalibrus” launched by Dnipro.  Ukrainian Pravda
  5. During the night, the armed forces shot down all the missiles with which Russia planned to attack the Dnieper  RBC-Ukraine
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