Drone attack on the capital – the main targets were reported by an expert

The expert suggested that the intruders may have received a new batch of drones from Iran.

Then morning drone kamikaze attack new such waves should be expected in the capital.

About it in the comments TSN.ua According to Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political analyst of the Information Resistance group. “We have to wait for new waves. They won’t stop about that, Kovalenko is convinced. – Why the occupiers did not use drones for quite a long time – there are two options. So, they expected a new batch of these devices from Iran. In Iran, Shahed production is not so large and serial that thousands of units are shipped at once. Russians can get a new batch, which included up to a hundred UAVs. Maybe a little more. They can also get new UAVs. If we get it, we’ll see. Unfortunately”.

According to Kovalenko, the second option is as follows: “They had this whole number of Shahed, they did not use it because the weather conditions deteriorated. The devices can be modernized, which improved their characteristics. It benefits both the Russian occupiers and Iran, which Russia is actually modernizing UAV”.

When asked about the purpose of the drones, the expert has no doubt that they were objects of the electrical system. “They, the occupiers, now are attached only to the power system, due to critical infrastructure, says Kovalenko. – Therefore, the targets were exactly such objects. However, our algorithm to combat these devices is much better today. The occupiers are still betting on drones because they are a cheap strike tool, because at least one or two will be able to outrun our air defenses. Such a roulette. Our anti-aircraft defenses effectively destroyed them a month ago. We have already developed an efficient algorithm.”

Russian soldiers fear a counterattack by the armed forces - American experts - Pravda of Ukraine

The expert adds that the occupiers are interested not only in Kyiv, but also in the Odesa area: “There was an attempt to break through the anti-aircraft defense in the Odesa area. It was partially implemented. Unfortunately.”

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