Egg prices in Ukraine should stabilize

The problem of rising egg prices is related, firstly, to the destruction of poultry farms (especially in Chornobayivka and Donetsk and Luhansk regions), and secondly, to the lack of laying hens and the decrease in egg production.

At the same time, he said that the prices of eggs will “level off” in the near future.

According to him, there are no reasons for significantly higher prices for sunflower oil, sugar and eggs. On the contrary, Ukrainians will see “some stabilization of food prices” in November.

As for sunflower oil, farmers have currently collected 2.6 million tonnes. t of sunflower seeds, and this year’s harvest forecast is 9.5 million. “This is less than last year, which was a record year and brought 16.3 million tons of sunflowers. The reasons for this decrease are clear – the war and weather conditions that slowed down the harvest. But for domestic needs, it is more than enough. Therefore, if we do not talk about the total inflation and the increase in the cost of logistics, there should be no increase in the price of oil”, said D. Dmytraševičius.

Also, according to him, sugar should not become too expensive. Farmers sowed 180,000 hectares of sugar beet, which is slightly less than last year – 224,000 hectares. 1 million tons of beet sugar harvested this year should be produced. “There will certainly be no shortage of sugar, just as it will become significantly more expensive,” said the vice minister.

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