Enemy ships in the Black Sea pose a threat to the entire territory of Ukraine — tsn.ua

A group of ships in the enemy fleet rearranged their ranks again.

About reports operational team “South”.

There are currently 3 missile ships and 2 submarines at sea. Together, they threaten the entire territory of Ukraine with 32 calibers. In addition, there are 2 vdk.

Controversial measures have their results. Another enemy agent who planned a series of terrorist attacks in the Odesa region was sentenced to eight years in prison. During the investigation, it was established that a foreign agent periodically came to Ukraine on behalf of the Russian special services. His curators were representatives of Russian military intelligence operating from the unrecognized territory of Transnistria.

The main task of the attacker was to destabilize the social and political situation in the Odesa region through sabotage and terrorist acts. Also, the objects of the agent’s attack were supposed to be the offices of volunteer and patriotic organizations, military equipment in the Odesa region.

“Be alert and aware, do not ignore air warning signals, do not trust enemy propaganda, report suspicious persons to the competent authorities immediately. Trust the defense forces and reliable sources of information. Unity is our strength and the guarantor of Victory!”, the message reads.

We will remind you On February 24, Russia attacked Ukrainey, by conducting numerous rockets and airstrikes on our cities, especially Kiev. A large-scale invasion is already on the 139th day (8 years of the war). The occupiers continue to destroy Ukrainian villages, towns and cities with cruise missiles and aerial bombs, killing civilians and causing devastating damage to infrastructure.

Zelensky replaced the head of the Chernivtsi region - the truth of Ukraine

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