Enterprises of the Russian Federation do not repair the equipment of the occupiers. War news

This was reported by the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine telegram.

“The conflict between the military command of the Russian Federation and the directors of defense factories is increasingly preventing the deployment of new battle tanks to the combat zone,” the agency noted.

During Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 40% of battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored units of occupation units from the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation alone. They need to be restored in special repair companies.

When delivering damaged equipment to repair factories, the Russians completely disassemble it, and sell or exchange spare parts and assemblies for alcohol. Sometimes only burned BMPs and tank bases enter the factories.

“At the same time, the directors of the repair companies instructed the employees not to accept the equipment for repair. They motivate this by the lack of components and insufficient funds received from the army for the already completed work,” Ukrainian intelligence said. emphasized.

The Russian command tried to improve the situation with the help of specially created repair teams, which were supposed to restore equipment near the combat zones. However, due to the corruption and greed of the military leadership of the Russian Federation, the attempt was unsuccessful.

On June 28, British intelligence announced that the occupiers were in Ukraine exhausted and is increasingly losing its combat effectiveness.

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