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Ukrenergo emphasizes that Ukraine does not export electricity to any country.

In Moldova, this happened after a massive missile attack by the Russian Federation against Ukraine eclipse due to a frequency jump in the network shared with our country.

Reported “Ukrenergo”.

“Moldova felt the consequences of Russian missile attacks against Ukraine. Russia’s attacks caused a frequency jump in our technically shared energy network, which cut Moldova’s connection to the European power grid, from which the country receives part of its electricity,” the statement said.

The company emphasizes that since October 11, Ukraine has not exported electricity to any country, including Moldova.

Former President of Moldova Maya Sandu commented on the eclipse and emphasized that Putin’s regime cannot be trusted.

We will remind you that pro-Russian bots are trying to “shake up” the regions of Ukraine due to energy problems. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal assured this yesterday Ukraine does not sell electricity to Europe

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