Fyodorov named the reason for problems with the Internet in Ukraine

As a result of the massive Russian missile attack in Ukrainian cities, not only the electricity supply was cut off in many regions of the country, but also the Internet traffic decreased. Base stations and landline operators switched to generators, resulting in congestion.

“Due to massive Russian terrorist missile strikes, Internet traffic has decreased in many regions. Emergency power outages. Base stations and landline operators have switched to generators whenever possible. Mobile operators operating towers are overloaded with traffic,” Fedorov wrote. .

The Digital Ministry team is reportedly helping to organize the transportation of diesel fuel and other operational tasks in a centralized manner.

“A challenge that no country has seen in the field of telecommunications. As in other fields. We will overcome it. We clearly know what to do, we are working. And with each new attack we will be stronger until we win,” said Fedorov. emphasized.

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