Gaidai spoke about the situation in the directions of Svativ and Kremin —

In Belogorivka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct defense.

In the Luhansk region, in the directions of Svativ and Kremin, the occupiers are vigorously preparing, but there is positive news. But now it is necessary to keep quiet.

About reported Head of Luhansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai.

According to him, in order to repay the Russian Federation, “very powerful preparations are being made” there: new and various reserves are being brought. First of all, from Kherson, as well as newly mobilized Russians.

“Two hundred trucks with construction materials are driving in the direction of Svatovo. Especially the so-called “dragon’s teeth”. The Russians are strengthening the defense there, the so-called “Wagner Line”, Gaidai said.

Meanwhile, continuous attacks by the Russian army continue in Bilogorivka. For its part, the armed forces are firmly on the defensive.

According to Gaida, the de-occupied villages suffer from Russian fire – they are hit by “hrads”, “hurricanes”, and “tornadoes”.

We will remind you that British intelligence believes that relatives of Russian citizens called up for military service during the declared “partial mobilization” they will probably go out to protest more and more due to poor service conditions and heavy losses among the mobilized.

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