GUR conducted space reconnaissance and discovered 2,600 pieces of enemy equipment

It is reported that the scouts managed to find about 2,600 pieces of enemy military equipment. First of all, tanks, self-propelled guns, helicopters, OTRK “Iskander”, SAM “S-300”, ZRGK “Pantsir-S1”, enemy radars, pontoon crossings, boats and tents in the places of enemy units.

The survey was carried out using the ICEYE satellite, as well as contractual access to the base of the constellation of SAR satellites. It was purchased for 600 million hryvnias by the Serhiy Prytula Foundation from the funds previously collected by Ukrainians for the purchase of three Bayractors.

The foundation signed a contract with the company ICEYE, which owns the world’s largest constellation of SAR satellites. Thus, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine gained full access to all systems and all capabilities of one of its SAR satellites, which is already in orbit.

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