How many Kalibr ships are there in the Black Sea?

8 ships are fighting in the Black Sea.

Russian terrorists targeted a warship rockets “Caliber”. A total of 8 rockets.

About reported OK “South”.

“In the Black Sea, the group of enemy ships has grown to 8 units. A surface missile carrier equipped with 8 Kalibr-type missiles has entered combat service,” the report said.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine urged Ukrainians to be cautious and respond to air warning signals.

“The enemy continues to test our strength, endurance and toughness. We do not give in to panic, provocations and despair. Do not ignore air warning signals, go to shelter,” the army stressed.

Missile attacks against Ukraine

The Russian occupiers have launched massive missile attacks against Ukraine since February 24. Occupiers destroy residential buildings, civil and military infrastructure. Since October 10, the Russians have massively bombarded the Ukrainian energy system. The goal of the Russians is that Ukrainians remain without electricity and heat during the winter. The last major missile strike was on December 5. Then the occupiers launched 70 rockets into our country, 60 of which were shot down.

Russian invaders on December 14 attacked Kiev and the Kiev region were flown by Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. Explosions rang out in the capital on Wednesday morning. According to initial data, there were no victims, several buildings were damaged. In total, the Russians launched 13 drones over Kiev.

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