How the armed forces learned about preparations for a mass missile attack on Ukraine – answer from Humenyuk –

From time to time, the enemy increases “effort and concentration” under the guise of psychological influence.

About Russia’s preparations for a massive missile to shoot It becomes clear to Ukraine if the Russian military takes the Caliber multi-missile carriers into the waters of the Black Sea.

Natalija Gumeniuk, the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, told about it on the air of the telethon.

She noted that usually a mass attack by the enemy occurs the day after such a “build-up”.

Humeniuk described the tactics of the Russian invaders. Thus, the enemy uses various practices and from time to time increases the so-called “effort and concentration” under the guise of psychological influence.

“That is, they (the occupiers – ed.) know and monitor our warnings that we see these increases (Kalibrus – ed.) or, on the contrary, the decrease in this level. They monitor all this, but usually, if the record is the highest number of Calibers, then that means there will be a massive shelling a day later and we have already established it ourselves,” said a spokesman for the Southern Defense Force.

Please note that on November 18 Seven Russian ships are fighting in the Black Sea, one of which is the Kalibr cruise missile carrier, with a total salvo of four missiles.

We will remind you, this was said by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political commentator Russia will never run out of missiles and this should be understood by all Ukrainians. According to him, the Russian Federation still produces missiles, albeit in very limited quantities.

The 263rd day of the war in Ukraine is the most important in 2022. November 13

As President Volodymyr Zelensky stated, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly told their Western partners that only full protection of the sky over Ukraine will encourage Russia to end the war.

In order to protect the skies, Ukraine will receive air defense equipment from many countries, as well as from another military aidwhich became famous after the seventh meeting in the Rammstein format.

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