How the West will react to a Russian nuclear strike – the guess of political technologists – Channel 24

We’re probably talking about using a nuclear weapon in response. That’s the opinion 24 channels said political technologist Mykhailo Sheitelman.

To the topic There will be consequences,” Biden threatened Putin about the use of nuclear or chemical weapons

The US can sink the Russian fleet

Instead, US General Ben Hodges said that if Russia were to use a nuclear weapon against Ukraine, it would be in response The US will sink the Black Sea Fleet aggressor countries. However According to the general, the answer will not be nuclear.

Sheitelman said that this is because the Black Sea Fleet is in Crimea, and the United States will not conduct a nuclear strike on the territory of Ukraine.

Most importantly, America will strike. We shouldn’t care if she hits with a nuke Answer or not – America will strike
– remarked the political technologist.

Sheitelman commented on the Western response to Putin’s nuclear threats: watch the video

When NATO can go to war

“If Putin hits us with a nuclear bomb and the Americans don’t respond, then he’s won this war,” Sheitelman said.

However, if the Americans retaliate against any Russian military facility, then it will end the war. After all, the aggressor country is incapable of resisting the NATO bloc.

In the event of a nuclear strike, NATO would probably enter the war on our side,
– suggested the political technologist.

What is known about Putin’s nuclear terror

  • September 21 President of the country’s aggressor, Vladimir, was speaking Putin once again threatened the world using nuclear weapons. He emphasized that Russia will use all available means for its alleged “self-defense”.
  • President Vladimir Zelensky said that threats of nuclear weapons According to the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, this is nothing new. However, according to the Ukrainian leader, the risk cannot be ruled out.
  • About Russia’s possible actions other nuclear powers should respondto further deter Moscow from aggressive intentions. Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to the head of the Office of the President, thinks so.
  • This was said by military expert Petro Černykas Putin may resort to nuclear power weapons if he realizes what end awaits him. However, if this happens, it will be only a Ukrainian problem – everything will go to the global level.
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