In the Kherson region, the occupiers opened polling stations, but they are empty – Deputy Khlan

Kherson Regional Council Deputy Serhiy Khlan told the Radio Liberty project.News of the Azov region“that the occupying forces on September 23 opened polling stations in the region to hold a pseudo-referendum on “joining Russia”.

“The occupiers have already opened the polling stations. In the polling stations, as people from the Kherson region point out, there are none, that is, they are empty, the occupiers understand that they are empty, but in their fake referendum they envisage door-to-door voting. That is, it’s no longer a secret ballot, it’s a forced yes vote at gunpoint,” Khlan said.

He claims that the so-called election commission members and the army of the Russian Federation will conduct door-to-door visits.

“That’s why it’s really best to hide all this time, hide somewhere, if you can’t get out, just hide,” advises the deputy.

Due to war and hostilities, the editors are unable to independently verify these testimonies.

September 23 Russia has appointed administrations in four Ukrainian territories partially controlled by Moscow. the so-called referendums began about joining Russia, which Moscow plans to use to annex them.

Kyiv has already announced that this vote will not have real consequences, therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on international partners to condemn the intention of “fake plebiscites” in the occupied territories against the Russian Federation.

Also the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg thinks so that the international community should condemn the so-called referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine. low Western leaders condemned the Kremlin’s intention hold fake referendums.

The UOC-MP Synod issued a démarche to Patriarch Kirill - Pravda of Ukraine

The White House said Russia was trying to carry out so-called referendums in response to the successful counterattack of Ukrainian soldiersand Washington does not recognize the results of such a vote.

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