Independence Day of Ukraine 2022 – curfew and restrictions

Already from August 22, Ukrainians must be especially careful. Read about the restrictions introduced due to a serious threat in the article 24 channels.

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Ban on mass events in Kyiv

Head Military administration of the city of Kyiv Mykolas Žirnovas banned any mass events in the capital on August 22-25. In addition, until August 24 inclusive, the subway will work from 06:00 to 21:00.

Also, based on the data “Ukrainian Pravda”, Employees of the Government Quarter are advised not to go to work in the office from August 22 to 26 All employees of state institutions were encouraged to “show up as little as possible” and work from home. It is already known that the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada will work remotely, except for employees working in international delegations and preparing for the next meeting.

Guide to Kyiv OVA Oleksiy Kuleba told how the celebrations will take place on the occasion of public holidays:

  • During the August 23 National Flag Day and August 24 commemoration of Ukraine’s independence, it is prohibited to organize any entertainment and other mass events:
  • all celebrations should take place with a limited number of people in compliance with all safety requirements or online.

Let’s not forget about curfews and air raid signals. Also, please avoid mass gatherings of people during events,
Kuleba emphasized.

The locals were reminded of this following safety rules saves lives. There is a threat that Russia could strike decision-making centers, military facilities, defense industrial facilities, critical infrastructure, and nearby residential areas.

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Please note that about the threat of shelling of Kiev spoke at the Presidency.

Kharkiv has a longer curfew

Because of the danger Kharkiv decided to change the curfew. Yes, it will be valid from August 22nd to August 25th h from 19:00 to 07:00. OVA head Oleg Sinegubov urged residents to prepare for a long stay at home and in shelters.

Please note that the following are prohibited during the curfew:

  • to be in public places;
  • to move through the streets on foot or by transport.

You can only go outside if you go to the shelter during the alarm.

In addition, on August 23 humanitarian aid points will not work. You can get it this week on August 25th or 27th.

It’s important Plan your routes and take cover during every alarm: police tips for August 23-25

Restrictions in Bukovina

Chernivtsi Region Defense Council banned religious organizations from holding baptisms…

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