Intelligence battalion from Crimea refused to fight in Ukraine

Relatives of the soldiers told about this incident and showed the division commander’s order to severely reprimand the battalion commander whose officers refused to fight. According to relatives, we are talking about the 127th reconnaissance battalion of the military unit 67606 (Crimea) reconnaissance brigade.

The entire battalion of scouts from Crimea refused to fight in Ukraine (document)

At the same time, despite the withdrawal of the soldiers, the battalion is still on the territory of Ukraine.

“They refused because the losses are too great. They don’t want to die in vain,” said one of the soldiers’ relatives who signed the act of refusal.

As reported, Rosgvardija units, which will be in the 2nd-3rd line of the combat zone until 2023. February. plans to go to the regions of the Russian Federationto act as force detachments in case of acts of defiance by new waves of mobilized Russians.

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