ISW spoke about the enemy’s new “volunteer battalions” –

The aggressor Russia continues to form new “volunteer units” for the war in Ukraine.

Analysts at the American Institute for Military Studies believe that probably most Russian so-called “battalions” will have the size of reinforced companies.

It is indicated messages ISW.

It should be noted that these special formations of the enemy are not described as battalion-tactical groups and are not formed as BTGs. What’s more, the “battalions” have nothing to do with the conventional combat power of the battalion-tactical groups that invaded Ukraine on February 24.

“It is not clear how they will be used on the battlefield if they are not assembled with each other or with the remnants of already deployed BTGs,” ISW experts emphasize.

The Institute of Military Studies also reports that after numerous reports to the ZMP about the formation of the “Sobyansky regiment” in Moscow, the recruitment was covered up. “Probably to avoid criticism,” the experts of the Institute summarized.

As reported, So-called “volunteer battalions” have been created in the regions of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation probably uses leaders of immigrant and ethnic organizations to form such units. They will participate in “supporting Russian troops in Ukraine.”

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