Kiyans are asked not to go to the city without an urgent need: what happened

Residents of the capital are also requested not to leave their cars on both sides of the streets and roads and not to park their cars under trees and billboards.

Tonight, November 23 Kievans and guests of the capital are asked not to leave the city without an urgent need due to bad weather.

About reported in the state administration of the city of Kyiv.

“In the evening, freezing rain and sleet are forecast: municipal services are prepared for bad weather, but residents are asked not to go to the city unless there is an urgent need,” the message reads.

Forecasters are predicting worsening weather conditions tonight. In particular, freezing rain and drizzle are possible. Rain will fall at -3°C. According to the forecasts of the Ukrhydrometeorological Center, drizzle and rain, ice, ice on the roads are expected on the night and morning of November 24.

“Utility services are ready for bad weather. First of all, Kyivvtodor CC has 525 units of special equipment, which is ready to promptly start de-icing roads and streets. In addition, according to the need and scale. In case of bad weather, leading companies and “green buildings” equipment and employees. Yes, the companies have 167 pieces of equipment and more than 4,000 employees,” KMDA notes.

However, residents of Kyiv are urged not to travel to the city without an urgent need and to stay indoors in bad weather if possible.

“In addition, please do not leave cars on both sides of the streets and roads so as not to interfere with the work of road equipment, and also do not park under trees and billboards,” the statement said.

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weather in Ukraine

To the Ukrainians the weather is expected to worsen. It will rain, drizzle and strong wind for the next two days. Precipitation is also forecast for the weekend.

Thursday, November 24, the influence of the anticyclone will remain. Fog is possible in places during the night and morning. The wind speed will reach 3-8 m/s. The air temperature will be -3+2 at night, and from zero to 5 degrees Celsius during the day. In the extreme south and Transcarpathia, the weather will warm up to +11 degrees.

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