Main news on the 201st day of the war in Ukraine – 2022 September 12

Read about the main events of the next day of the war in the article 24 channels. We have collected the main news from all fronts.

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23:54 After the Russian attack on the CHPP, a coordination headquarters will be created in Ukraine, which will quickly respond to all such manifestations of Russian terror.

23:15 Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov noted that the successful actions of the armed forces bring the defeat of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin closer. Putin’s complete military defeat will come when, on February 23, the defenders of Ukraine push the Russian occupiers back to their positions.

22:43 Volodymyr Zelensky traditionally addressed the Ukrainians. In a recent address, he urged the world to increase pressure on Russia. The leader of Ukraine emphasized that no other terrorist in the world allowed himself as much as the aggressor country is doing now.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s address on September 12: watch the video

10:12 p.m Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is convinced that the counterattack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkiv region significantly helped in the other part of the front. Now the situation in the direction of the Slovyansk-Kramatorsk agglomeration will be relatively calmer.

21:49 Explosions rang out again in one of the districts of occupied Mariupol. That’s probably where “cotton” came from. Corresponding information was reported by Mariupol mayor’s advisor Petro Andriushchenka.

21:25 Units of the National Guard, Armed Forces and Territorial Defense entered the city of Sviatohirsk in the Donetsk region.

The Russians hit the center of Mykolaiv "I am going to"beat Ochakov - Ukrainian truth

21:00 This was reported by the Northern Operational Command during the day, the Russian army carried out 5 shellings on the border of Chernigov and Sumy regions in the area of ​​responsibility.

  • Around 11 o’clock, 17 explosions, probably from 120 mm mortars and pipe artillery, were recorded in the territory of Šalginskis territorial community of Shostkinskis district, Sumy region.
  • From 17:00 to almost 18:00, shelling of the Esmansk community continued, probably from tube artillery. 6 explosions were recorded.

During the day in the Chernigov region, the enemy probably shelled the Mikhalchyna Sloboda area of ​​the Novgorod-Siversky district from self-propelled artillery. From 6:30 p.m. 13 barrel artillery explosions were recorded in the same area.

20:50 In the Kharkiv region, police found the bodies of 4 civilians killed by Russian invaders. They found gunshot wounds to the head.

Killed civilians found in Kharkiv region / Police photo.

20:15 Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar announced that the Ukrainian army has liberated almost 6,000 square kilometers from the occupiers.

20:06 In the de-occupied settlements of the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian connection appeared.

20:04 The Ukrainian military raised our flag in the village of Ternova, which is opposite the border of our state.

7:29 p.m

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