Mass killings in the Kiev region: the occupier told how he robbed and shot a Ukrainian

Russian occupier Danylo Frolkin confessed to killing a peaceful Ukrainian in the village of Andriivka in the Kyiv region.

An attacker who entered the territory of a foreign state, killed the Ukrainian shot himself in the head. At the same time, he does not repent, because he allegedly “killed one to save others.”

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The passengers were identified using a stolen phone, which they used to take pictures

During the occupation of the village of Andriyivka, Kyiv region, intruders stole a phone from a local resident. They took a lot of pictures with someone else’s device. They left their phone behind during the retreat. It was found by local residents, and therefore it was possible to identify the Russians who participated in the atrocities in the village of Andriivka. The attackers also stole the 95-year-old veteran’s medals and took pictures with them.

It was possible to determine the identity of the Ukrainian executioners. They are soldiers of military unit 51460 of the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade Danilo Frolkin, Dmytro Danilov, Ruslan Glotov and Ivan Shepelenko.

During the occupation, invaders killed 13 people in Andriivka

During the occupation, the Russians massacred the village 13 people, another 40 people are missing. On March 12, intruders shot childhood friends on Sloboda Street in Andriivka Vitalijs Kibukevičius and Vadymas Haniukas. On the same day they killed Ruslan Jaremchukwho was accused of passing on data about the movements of the occupying army.

Residents of Andriivka who survived the occupation say they heard the Russians bragging about killing Ukrainians and robbing the dead.

Explosions rang out in Glavkom in Cherkasy

The occupants admitted to the robbery and said that they took the stolen goods away in trucks

The occupant, Dmitry Danilov, was surprised to be recognized. The attacker, despite the testimony of witnesses, lied that he participated in the robberies and killings of civilians in Andriivka. He claimed that they “simply interrogated Ukrainians and then let them go.”

Danylo Frolkin also initially denied his involvement in the mass killings. And stated that he “just took a picture with the medals of a 95-year-old World War II veteran and returned them.” He confirmed it The Russian military looted Ukrainians en masse and took the stolen goods to Russia in trucks. He claims to have guided him Colonel Vyacheslav Klobukov.

The occupier told how he killed a Ukrainian, but did not repent because he was allegedly “saving people”

At first, Danylo Frolkin denied his involvement in the killing of the Ukrainians, but later admitted it killed a civilian without trial and investigationbecause he was suspected of passing on the coordinates of the Ukrainian armed forces.

“I, a soldier of military unit 51460, guard corporal Frolkin Danylo Andriyovych, I confess to having committed all the crimeswhich I did in Andriivka, shooting civilians, robbing civilians…

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