Mobilization in Crimea – Ukrainians were given advice

Russia has already started mass delivery of conscripts in various parts of Crimea. However, the mobilization is no longer hidden, not “hybrid” – so it is much more difficult to avoid it.

Algorithm of actions if you are mobilized into the Russian army in temporarily occupied Crimea:

Hiding, “getting lost” and sabotaging mobilization in any way:

  • Avoid personally receiving summonses and calls from the “military commissars” of the occupation. You are not considered to have been notified until you have received the summons;
  • Official subpoenas can also be sent to Russian mobile applications for the provision of administrative services, so try to delete these applications or, to be sure, “lose” your smartphone, change your phone number or temporarily stop using it;
  • If possible, leave Crimea and the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Check whether there are no barriers on your way at the time of departure and whether the exit through the “Crimean Bridge” is blocked;
  • If it was not possible to leave, but there is an opportunity to hide in the Russian Federation, be aware of the possible risks: city streets are equipped with video surveillance cameras with facial recognition systems – if possible, avoid public spaces with such cameras. are installed;
  • If it was not possible to leave Crimea TOT – leave the place of residence, temporarily change the place of residence and do not inform anyone about it in any way; do not open the door to strangers.

If you have been served with a summons:

  • In no case do not go to the military commissariat, from there you will immediately be sent to war. Try to “get lost”, get sick, disappear again;
  • Check the list of illnesses or injuries that will allow you to avoid or at least delay mobilization under Russian law – it’s not a 100% guarantee and you could still be illegally mobilized, but there’s a chance you won’t. pass a medical board;
  • If you are contacted, do not refuse to perform the so-called “military duty” in the interview, but justify the reasons why you cannot yet come to the military commissariat or serve. For example: according to the state of health, the status of the deceased soldier’s son/brother, education in full-time and part-time educational institutions, the presence of a child and a pregnant wife, when the pregnancy period is longer than 22 weeks, etc.;
  • Do not forget that the Russian Federation is a corrupt state, and the level of corruption in the temporarily occupied territories is even higher. Be careful, as scammers may offer to obtain “deferral” certificates and demand bribes, which are punishable by criminal charges.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks in the Kharkiv region and near Bakhmut - Assembly of the General Staff

In the event that it was not possible to avoid mobilization – to surrender to the armed forces:

  • Failure to execute illegal criminal orders that may result in civilian casualties or destruction of civilian infrastructure;
  • Generation…

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