Mobilization in Donbas – Russians set up a prison camp and take out factory workers

According to the intelligence, the Russians have set up a camp in the Torez training ground, where “convicts” who agreed to fight against Ukraine are taken. They also started recruiting prisoners in the “DNR” territory.

The prisoners are to complement the so-called “Somalia” battalion, 100 separate motorized rifle brigades and 9 separate Russian motorized rifle regiments. The criminal article and the term do not affect the selection. So far, few prisoners have agreed to sign the contract.

At the same time, “DPR” canceled the previously issued documents regarding the postponement of mobilization. The occupiers plan to gather 200 to 500 workers at the Yanakiev metallurgical plant. Due to lack of workers, production is closed.

Zvalga also notes that “DNR” fighters who escaped from the Kharkiv region received leave until September 17. However, during the specified period, more than half of those mobilized did not arrive at the gathering place in Torez.

In Crimea, the occupiers forbade men to leave without the permission of the “commissar”. In order to prepare the necessary documents, it is necessary to inform the purpose of departure, the place of stay and the dates of return.

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