OASK was liquidated: the court’s decisions caused the most repercussions

The history of one of the most scandalous courts in Ukraine is coming to an end. On December 13, more than a year and a half after registration, the Verkhovna Rada adopted an urgent presidential bill on the Liquidation of the Kyiv District Administrative CourtVolodymyr Zelensky the same evening signed him Currently, a new administrative court of Kyiv city district will be created. Due to its specific nature, the OASK was a court of first instance that examined disputes related to the election process, appeals of government decisions, dismissals from service, was always heard and made many resonant and controversial decisions. Some of them are in the Word and Work infographic.

in 2013 between November and December, during the Revolution of Dignity, the judges of the District Administrative Court repeatedly banned meetings and protests in the center of Kyiv. First, judge Viktor Danylyshyn banned the construction of tents in Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Chreshchatyk and Europe Square, and later Bohdan Sanin banned any peaceful gatherings in the center. This was followed by arrests of activists and attempts to storm the Maidan.

In July 2017, the court practically terminated the two-year investigation regarding the 14 million embezzlement of hryvnia state funds for the purchase of backpacks for the National Guard (“Avakov backpacks” case). OASK refused to annul the tender decision and did not recognize the illegal actions of officials of the Ministry of the Interior during procurement.

In December 2018, OASK reinstated Roman Nasirov, who was suspected of abuse of office, to the position of head of the State Fiscal Service. And at the beginning of 2019, the court banned Ulyana Suprun from holding the position of Minister of Health: OASK saw illegality during the period when Suprun held the position of acting minister.

On October 15, an explosion was heard in Istanbul, Fatih district in Turkey - video

In April 2019, the District Administrative Court satisfied the lawsuit of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky against the National Bank and the Cabinet of Ministers and recognized the nationalization of PrivatBank as illegal. According to the judges, the procedure for removing the bank from the market violated the norms of the current legal acts. After the OASK decision, the case continued, and in July of this year, the Supreme Court confirmed the legality of the nationalization.

At the same time, in 2019, the court overturned the ban on showing the series “Matchmakers” created by the studio “Kvartal 95” in Ukraine, and also overturned the SBU’s ban on the country of the main star. series – Fyodor Dobronravov.

In addition, OASK blocked the renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate – according to the law, the name had to indicate affiliation with the Russian Orthodox Church.

In the summer of 2019, OASK terminated the order of the Ministry of Defense to switch to a food system based on NATO standards. The reform was renewed in 2020. March.

In 2020, the district…

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