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The occupiers of the so-called “DPR” complain about their emotional and psychological state.

As a result of attacks by the armed forces, they “cannot tolerate the psyche”.

About witness Eavesdropping on a telephone conversation announced by the Ministry of National Defense GUR.

The occupier of the so-called “DPR” in a conversation with his wife complains about the constant firing and poor quality bulletproof vests, which “miss” the wreckage. He says there are already “minus 11” people in their unit, and he barely survived.

The occupier also says many of his colleagues are mentally ill.

“The boys already have a roof. They drink (shoot) endlessly. 152, 202. You can only shudder. The boys already have a roof. Three have been sent to hell,” the occupier says.

It will be recalled that in the Luhansk region “Kadyrovichs” entered the Ukrainian armed forces. Chechen fighters ‘Tiktok’ soldiers receive ‘nuts’ from armed forces In Ruby.

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