Occupiers use participants "referendums" how "human shield" from the armed forces of Ukraine – intelligence – Ukrainian truth

  1. The occupiers use the “referendum” participants as a “human shield” against the armed forces – intelligence.  Ukrainian Pravda
  2. 27 military trucks entered Mariupol News from Mariupol – Ukraine  TSN
  3. On the first day of the “referendum”, about 30 Russian military trucks entered Mariupol,” Andriushchenko said.  Espresso
  4. In Mariupol, the polling stations for the pseudo-referendum are located in shops and cafes  UNIAN
  5. In Mariupol, the “authority” is urgently looking for people to hold a “referendum”, but in vain  Ukrinform
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Russian occupiers have invented a simple way to lure Mari residents back to the city - Ukraine - tsn.ua
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