Peskov responded to Zelensky’s words about the return of Crimea

The Kremlin says the de-occupation of Crimea announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky is allegedly “impossible”. Mainly in the words of the Ukrainian leader, they saw the already obvious “reluctance of Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow”.

“Even before the beginning of the SVO, the Constitution of Ukraine said that Crimea must be returned to Ukraine by force. De facto Ukraine did not refuse it. For us, this is nothing more than a discussion on this topic. The alienation of the territories of the Russian Federation. There is no other understanding here, about this such statements speak of the reluctance, unwillingness and inability of the Ukrainian side to be ready to solve the problem by non-military methods,” Peskov said.

What Zelensky said

We will remind you that President Volodymyr Zelensky said this before is ready to consider options for the non-military return of Russian-occupied Crimea.

However, he urged not to waste time on choices that are not related to the deoccupation of the peninsula.

“I understand that everyone is confused by the situation and what will happen with Crimea. If someone is ready to offer us a way to de-occupy Crimea by non-military means, I will only be in favor,” the president said.

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