PMK Wagner during the war in Ukraine – the assault squads of prisoners are thrown to their deaths

“In total, the occupiers recruited 23,000 prisoners, who are used as meat during the assault. The reason is that their death does not resonate in Russian society and therefore allows Russians not to think about the losses,” the publication says.

It is noted that the enemy actually “exchanges the lives of cheap fighters for the lives of Ukrainians.”

Interventionists form stormtroopers from prisoners, during the assault, air reconnaissance is used, thanks to which the group commanders monitor the actions his subordinates.

CNS points out that together such losses do not demoralize PVK “Wagner”, because qualified personnel and management do not participate in attacks.

At the same time in Ukrainian partisans and the underground continue to provide the Ukrainian Defense Forces with information about the location of the “wagners”. in temporarily occupied territories that allows armed forces to strike at enemy control points.

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