Prigozhin acquitted the “Wagnerian” and told what would happen to him –

Prigozhin said the “man from Wagner” responsible for the shooting was “unconscious.”

They were recently detained in the Rostov region the deserter who shot at the police from a machine gun. He turned out to be Pavlo Nikolin, a convicted Russian who joined the ranks of the private military company Wagner. The head of Wagner’s PMC, Yevgenijs Prigožin, said that the “Wagnerian” was “unconscious” due to a concussion.

About reported Press service of Prigozhin.

So, according to him, Nikolin was allegedly hit during Bachmut’s assault, which is why the incident with shooting at the policemen took place.

“Nikolin has already explained that he took part in the storming of Bachmut, was hit and was unconscious for several days. Therefore, when police officers approached in a civilian car without distinctive markings in the Novoshachtinsk region, he noticed them. as Ukrainian saboteurs,” said Prigozhin.

He also said that he is ready to return Nikolina back to the Wagner group for his personal responsibility and that he has already written a corresponding petition.

Shooting of policemen in Novoshachtinsk

On Tuesday, December 6, it became known that in Novoshachtinske, in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation man in camouflage shooting at police one of them was injured.

Later it became known that the shooter turned out to be a convicted robber, who was admitted to PMK “Wagner”. The mercenary was detained in an abandoned pig farm.

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