Prince Harry called Tyree after she was released from Russian captivity

Freed from Russian captivity, paramedic and well-known volunteer Yulia Paevska, nicknamed “Tyra”, received a call from Prince Harry, who inspired her not to give up and continue the fight.

“Tyra” said she was on the phone with a British prince Harry occurred about a week after her release from captivity.

He writes about it in an interview Telegraph.

“He just inspired me to keep fighting. He said that he supports Ukraine and all of us. And that the “Invincible Games” family always takes care of its members… I am very grateful to Prince Harry, because it was after “The Invincible Games” that the Russians stopped interrogating and torturing me. I think the spread of information around the world influenced their decision to exchange me.” said the volunteer.

Tyra also recalled the “hell” she spent three months in.

“The Russians told me that it was better to kill myself because they would kill me anyway, but I tried to believe that I would survive. I had absolutely no information about what was happening in the world. I didn’t even know if my family was alive or if my house was still there, because the Russians was almost in Kiev when we left… They said that no one supports us, other countries only give us old, rusty weapons. They said that nobody needs us and that everyone has long forgotten Ukraine,” said Julija Paevska.

It is worth noting that Prince Harry and the Ukrainian paramedic are connected by the fact that she participates in the “Invincible Games” as part of the Ukrainian delegation, and a member of the British royal family is the initiator of these competitions.

Explosions resounded in Poltava and Dnipro -

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian paramedic and volunteer Julia Paevska was captured by the Russian army in Mariupol in March, and on June 17. released from captivity

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